Who We Are?

Cents Web Hosting is a highly shared hosting dedicated provider which can guarantee to deliver the best service at the most affordable price. We make this goal possible because we are a team of highly qualified technical staffs. All server administrative tasks can be done by us in a fast and reliable manner. We purchased our own server, installed all necessary software, and optimize all configuration to make a robust, stable, and fast shared server for all users. In addition, we also offer the most powerful control panel and autoinstallers, which allow users to install Wordpress, Drupal, Joomla, etc, just in a matter of a minute.

We guarantee to handle support ticket within a few minutes, as long as the question is clear. But we have seen that most of the time customers don't have to open a ticket with us. Our service is just simple to use.

Meet Our Staff

Mrs. Soendari Soekotjo

Staff who work for billing department

Dr. Stein

CEO of Cents Web Hosting.

Mrs. Halimah Chan

IT staff who take care of the servers.

Mr. Kasmpolitan

IT staff who take care of the servers.