Cool Hosting Features

Cents Web Hosting offers one of the most professional and affordable shared hosting plans. All customers will enjoy the following features that come with their package. Please note, we own our own servers, so we can do custom software installation upon request.

  • Redundant DNS

    Redundant DNS servers are used to provide a more reliable DNS service in case a DNS server has problems.

  • Daily Backup

    Automatic daily backup is configured for all servers to ensure data integrety, safety and security.

  • DDOS Protection

    All websites hosted on our servers enjoy up to 1 Gbs DDOS protection. Your sites will always be fast.

  • Fast Internet

    We use 1 Gbs internet port to make sure our server is never a bottle neck of any slow internet connection.

  • Cooling Technology

    Server hardware is protected by a smart cooling system to make sure our hardware is never overheated.

  • Control Panel

    We use the most powerful control panel in the industry. Users can manage all aspects o their websites.

  • Software Configuration

    PHP and MySQL are the most important parts of a shared server, which are optimized by our experts.

  • Alert System

    Multiple alert monitoring systems are employed to immediately inform us in case any problem happens.

  • Account Configuration

    Each hosting account created inherits a set of default system configuration which has already been optimized.

  • Premium Bandwith

    We do not restrict bandwith usage for our customers. All data transfer always use premium high speed connection.

  • Crawl protection

    Automated daemon on our servers run continuously to identify bad bots and block them with zero positive rate.

  • Firewall

    Firewall configuration automatically block IPs that attempts to guess passwords of users' accounts.

Testimonials from a customer

I have nothing to complain about service. Their server is rock solid. Support is excellent. And the price is surprisingly cheap. I definitely recommend this host for anyone who ask. (Jake Wood from Silver Arrow Corp)

Have been with Cents Web Hosting for almost a year now, no problem so far. Everything are just working great. (Clara from Jade Web Design)

Welcome to Cents Web Hosting

CentsWebHosting values and treatures all customers who signed up with us to test our service. We are confident about a high level of customer satisfaction and happy to continue a mutual benefit business. Users will find it easy to use our service and completely satified with the fast pageload profile.

  • 30-day money back guarantee
  • Free instant setup
  • 99.9% Uptime for any given month

Included in All Packages: 1 IP address + Unmetered Traffic + Rock Solid Network + 24h Support for Hardware and Network

Need Custom Plans?

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